Lourdes Salve

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Bee Venom Lourdes Salve: A soothing delight for troubled skin. This salve contains only four ingredients – Nelson bee venom, manuka honey, organic aloe vera and 100% pure therapeutic grade lanolin. This is not a silken cream like our moisturizers, instead it is a thick sticky salve, but people swear by it for its restorative effects.

‘The Lourdes Salve is proving a huge success helping to improve acne, eczema, piles, sun damage, flaky skin spots and age spots. If possible apply before bedtime and depending on where the trouble is, bandage the area with a soft bandage. The Salve takes around 10 minutes to dry on the skin. For age spots apply the salve overnight and bandage, in the morning gently rub the spots. Go quietly, and repeat this over a few nights.

Please consult your medical provider regarding any medical condition.