Bee Venom Ease Balm

$75.00 $35.00

Bee Venom Ease Balm is our strongest bee venom product by a country mile. I produced this balm after my son came down with an extremely painful and rare form of arthritis, so rare that he is perhaps the only person in New Zealand suffering from it. The Ease Balm is giving him both pain relief and enhanced mobility. Other people are reporting similar effects and are regaining mobility in previously seized joints. Specially selected ingredients include Bee Venom, Manuka honey (5+UMF) Manuka Oil, (40+MBTK), Wintergreen oil, Capsicum Oleoresin and Thyme. This balm needs to be deeply massaged into affected areas and kept away from eyes. Wash hands immediately after use and do not touch areas where the balm has been applied.