OUR BEES live in the vineyards, almond orchards and the rolling countryside of the sunny Nelson region of New Zealand. They are not harmed during venom collection.  

This is a two-family business and both Scott and Lynne are lucky enough to live in the beautiful Nelson region of New Zealand. Just to make sure they never have any down-time they both have life-style blocks; Scott lives at Golden Hills, Waimea West and Brian and Lynne live at Mahana, Upper Moutere. Scott and Lynne worked together at the renowned Cawthron Institute and from that association became both friends and business partners. They developed, trialled and produced bee venom creams using their own hives. Scott, with a Masters in Agricultural Science from Lincoln University, is the bee venom maestro and looks after the hives as well as collecting and manufacturing our products. Lynne, with a PhD from Massey University, researches, develops and trials new products and markets the range. While both can manage any aspect of the business they tend to have gravitated into these roles. 

Lynne has always been interested in home-made skin care and it struck her at a young age that skin was not that different to horse tack – just keep it clean, oiled and out of the sun and it will stay smooth and supple forever! Hence, family and friends have long put up with being treated with Lynne’s fresh fruit, natural oils and honey concoctions. After meeting up with Scott at the Cawthron Institute, Lynne was introduced to the magic of bee venom and found the perfect active ingredient to blend with her bases. Lynne is a strong believer in the magic of fresh fruit and our advanced skin perfecting creams are packed full of natural organic fruit and organic nut oils for their skin enhancing anti-oxidants and vitamins.

Scott is an agricultural economist who has kept bees, both as a hobby and professionally, for more than a decade. Over his career, Scott has been at the forefront of sustainable fisheries management in New Zealand and also part of the Cawthron Institute here in Nelson. He currently is developing and running a number of sustainable businesses including a consultancy practice in natural resource management. He is self-employed so can indulge his passion for beekeeping and developing bee products. Scott is now a partner in PollenNation – a specialist business producing sustainable pure bee pollen (www.PollenNation.co.nz).

We approach our business in a sustainable manner with the utmost respect for the environment. We package in glass that is recyclable and never test on animals – only ourselves and our family and friends. They still love us and are often roped in to help with bee venom collecting, tending the bees and modelling for photo-shoots – always followed by a festive family do of course. We don’t photo-shop our images and our pro-age philosophy is ‘look great whatever your age’.

Do not use if allergic to bee stings